Mayan Artisan Goods
Hand-Crafted from Mexico & Guatemala

Our Purpose

Artisan Mayan Goods

The Mission of Kuxtal Mayan Goods is to connect people across borders by bringing their rich arts and crafts to an international marketplace, to support their local economic initiatives, and to cultivate an appreciation for their rich history and culture.

Mayan Artisan Goods

Mayan Artisans

All products are handmade using artistic expression and cultural values through ancient techniques and designs.

Mayan Artisan Goods


Kuxtal Mayan Goods is a Fair-Trade partnership dedicated to supporting Mayan weaving cooperatives and their local communities.

Mayan Artisan Goods


Women artisans use plant material and minerals to dye textiles and fabrics using traditional methods.



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The name Kuxtal, means Life in Mayan !

The name Kuxtal, means Life in Mayan !

This pays homage to the ancient Mayan belief of the their direct connection to all living things.


In addition to the colorful hand-woven fabrics, Mayan textiles are known for their intricate and nuanced embroidery.  Embroidery is a cultural heritage and is done with needle and thread, patterns memorized by generations or created as the item is produced.  The outcome is a unique and distinct one-of-a-kind piece reflecting their artistic expression.

The essence of the Yucatan, known for its vibrant colors and exquisite craftsmanship, lies an embroidery technique known as “cross stitch” or “punto de cruz”.  This is an ancient embroidery style adding elegance and cultural significance to traditional garments like the mens Guayabera.

The roots trace back to the pre-hispanic era, where Mayan women adorned their garments using colored threads and merged their indigenous embroidery techniques to form the artistry of “punto de cruz”.  There are currently at least 20 types of stitches used in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Mayan Artisan Goods


Mayan Artisan Goods

For 3000 years Mayan weaving has been an important part of Mayan culture and vital to their identity.  Weaving is not only an art form but also a sacred duty imposed by the gods and perfected by their ancestors.

Contemporary weavers are descendants of the ancient Mayan civilization, practicing a time-honored tradition passed from generation to generation.  The foot Loom or backstrap Loom has remained unchanged and fits easily into the Mayan household or local weaving cooperative.

Indigenous Mayan women express their culture, personality, and technical skills through their beautifully woven designs. Embedded in the beautiful textiles are vibrant colors, designs, and motifs, which reflect the weavers community and indigenous heritage.

"Beautifully made Guayaberas, great fit, and high quality Linen"

Mayan Artisan Goods
Review by Carlos Gonzalez, Purchased the Ximbal Yellow Linen Guayabera, short sleeve and Presidencial White Guayabera, short sleeve, Dec. 2023

"Elegant Guayabera with beautiful details on shirt, great fit and quality of material"

Mayan Artisan Goods
Review by Jesus Gonzalez, Purchased Flor De Calabasas Linen, Long Sleeve Guayabera, Purchased November 2023


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