Kuxtal Mayan Goods stands out as a distinctive women-owned business, working closely with Mayan women artisans. It's all about celebrating and sharing the incredible skills of Mayan women with people everywhere, in a way that's fair and respectful.

Welcome to Kuxtal Mayan Goods

Discover the essence of Mayan artisanship, where tradition meets sustainability. This unique platform brings the rich history and culture of Mayan artistry directly to the international marketplace. Handcrafted in Mexico and Guatemala, Kuxtal Mayan Goods epitomizes ethical and sustainable practices in every creation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge cultural gaps by showcasing Mayan arts and crafts. By supporting local economic initiatives, we not only share their rich heritage but also cultivate a global appreciation for their artistry.

Artistry in Every Thread

Every product at Kuxtal is a testament to the ancient techniques and designs revered by Mayan artisans. These handmade items are not just products; they’re stories woven into the fabric, reflecting deep cultural values and artistic expressions.

Ethical Practices, Sustainable Future

We’re committed to ethical practices, embodied in our Fair-Trade partnerships. These collaborations support Mayan weaving cooperatives and bolster local communities. This commitment extends to our sustainable practices, where women artisans use plant materials and minerals for dyeing, preserving traditional methods.

The Art of Embroidery and Weaving

Kuxtal’s collection features intricate embroidery and weaving, integral to Mayan culture. The embroidery, a cultural heritage passed down through generations, adds elegance and uniqueness to every piece. Simultaneously, Mayan weaving, a 3000-year-old tradition, reflects the identity and community of the artisans through vibrant colors and designs.

Our Purpose

Artisan Mayan Goods

The Mission of Kuxtal Mayan Goods is to connect people across borders by bringing their rich arts and crafts to an international marketplace, to support their local economic initiatives, and to cultivate an appreciation for their rich history and culture.

Mayan Artisans

All products are handmade using artistic expression and cultural values through ancient techniques and designs.


Kuxtal Mayan Goods is a Fair-Trade partnership dedicated to supporting Mayan weaving cooperatives and their local communities.


Women artisans use plant material and minerals to dye textiles and fabrics using traditional methods.