¡Bienvenidos! A Warm Welcome from the Yucatan!

Cynthia is back! Just catching up from a trip to Mexico the week of April 3-15. We were on the hunt, looking for Spring/Summer products and the chance to meet with our Artisan partners and craftspeople in Southern Mexico.
During our travels to the Yucatan to meet with the esteemed Guayabera Artisan Dona Fidelia, we were welcomed by a surprise party in our honor. This is typical of the warm and friendly character of the Mayan people. Not only were we welcomed with a children’s traditional dance troupe and band, Dona Fidelia served us a delicious meal of Cochinita Pebil and Carnitas.
We were surprised and grateful for the kind and warm welcome by Dona Fidelia’s family and friends. We have posted pictures of the Fiesta on Instagram and Facebook, Kuxtalmayangods.com.


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