Calkini, Campeche – (December 1-3 2023)

Dec. 1-3 Calkini, Campeche

The photos of the sweet children are from the ‘XXII Feria Artesenal y Cultural’ in Calkini, Campeche. This was a 3-day event that started Friday, Dec. 1 and ended on Saturday, Dec. 3. The Queen of the fair was crowned on Saturday amidst fireworks and homage from all the craftspeople and local community. This was attended by the local artisans as well as craftspeople from nearby villages in the area.

On Friday, Dec. 1, the feria(fair) kicked off a parade of ‘les Filles’ the local school children. They were dressed in their traditional Mayan clothing, small girls wearing the traditional Mayan dress, ‘huipiles’ and the boys in linen white pants and guayaberas and straw hats that were hand woven.

Children as Young as 1-1/2 years old dressed and were escorted by their parents. The parade paid homage to the weavers, the local businesses, and the craftspeople, with a small boy marching in the parade carrying a Loom (see photo).

What was very beautiful was the participation of the parents as well as extended families who came to enjoy and cheer on the children during the parade. The creativity of the floats was astonishing, one float had a little girl cutting fake chicken and selling tacos from a storefront, and another float had a mock-up of an ice cream store. They were all unique and very much reflected the pride and love of the children of Calkini, which is known as the most Mayan of Mayan towns in the Yucatan.


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