Crafting Traditions: Exploring the Artisanal Heart of Mexico’s Mayan World during Semana Santa

We are excited about our upcoming trip to the during the Easter week, or “Semana Santa” as it is called in Mexico. We will be deep in the heart of the ‘Mayan world’ of Southern Mexico visiting our talented and creative artisan partners and meeting new artisans.
We will be posting more videos on YouTube from Dona Catalina in Chiapas. She has been working on some new designs, and she will be sharing her newest products that will highlight her meticulous weaving techniques and colorful textiles that translate her history and community. Her daughter Margarita is also weaving with Dona Catalina and her textiles are just as beautiful and vibrant. We will be visiting with Dona Christina in Chamula, she hand weaves many of our distinctive blouses and we will see her new products which reflect her excellent embroidery techniques and designs on each blouse.
We will visit Dona Lorena in Campeche, who produces some of our beautiful Guayaberas. Dona Lorena and her cooperative produce award winning Guayaberas made from high quality fine linen. She has also been featured in magazines and speaks at Universities in the Yucatán for her Guayaberas. Lorena always keeps things fresh by changing the colors and designs every season. We are looking forward to bringing back some new items and posting our visits with our artisans. Our travels will take us into peoples homes, workshops, and cooperatives where these talented artisans work hard to keep their traditions vibrant by weaving their complex history and universe in each garment they create.
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