What is a Guayabera?

What is a Guayabera?
The Guayabera (pronounced why-a-bera) is a type of shirt characterized by being decorated on the front and back with pintucks, which is the name given to the set of vertical pleats that adorn the fabric.
Possibly, the most elegant of all Guayaberas is the so-called “Presidential Guayabera” wearing one is appropriate for the most formal of occasions, as if it were a three-piece suit or even a tuxedo. It stands out from others for being made of white linen, having long or short sleeves, a classic collar, and having several pintucks. Its only detail is usually a discreet welt or flap pocket at chest level.  These are perfect for weddings and gala events.
If you’re looking for something sophisticated but not too formal (like attending a dinner or business function), you can opt for long-sleeved, classic collar Guayaberas, but with fewer pintucks and larger pockets. We carry the ‘Linen Presidencial Guayabera’ and ‘Linen Dorado’, as well as the less formal styles at Kuxtalmayangoods.com


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